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Creators of ActionCMS, the lightweight, ultrafast, easy-to-deploy content management system.
Action CMS features a very small footprint and is based on a flat file and folder structure, so it operates without the need for any SQL databases or servers. As a result it is ideal for small sites, sites on embedded systems, and systems with limited CPU and Disk resources.
Nevertheless it features dynamic pages, automatic breadcrumbs, local web analytics integration, SEO features such as automatic canonical URL meta tags, and much more.
Coming Soon: ActionCMS version 2.0! Currently in Beta Testing, v2 offers ultra-fast, mobile-first responsive design!

Experimental Site Notice

This is not a production site. Some pages may have unusual formatting or colors as part of a series of live experiments in visual perception of self illuminated displays. If you have any problems reading any pages, or if you find any are particularly easy to read, we'd love to hear about it. Please discuss at the SAPC GitHub repo discussions tab

Myndex Perception Research

Myndex Technologies is currently researching perceptual contrast for assessing legibility and accessibility on graphically rich web pages and computer displays.
There is a live issue and discussion at GitHub, and below are links to some of our live experimental pages, evaluating the issue in detail:
     • Perception Experiments Page.
     • CVD — Color Vision Deficiency Simulation Page.

Articles and Help Files

for web design, web app development, and user interface design.

MORE Gradients in Space!

A much deeper and detailed look at colorspaces and their effect on mixing.

Gradients in Space

Colorspace that is — several examples of how gradients differ depending on the color space they are calculated in.

Luminance Contrast

A discussion and code examples for determining Luminance, and various methods of determining luminance contrast.

Hue Contrast Color Chart

Use this chart as you would a color wheel — only this chart presents the 12 colors in a view matrix so you can easily judge relative color contrast. Also, this chart is adjusted for perceptual uniformity, so the colors are more like pigments in the real world instead of harsh "computer" colors.

Redirects for SEO

The importance of redirects in search engine rankings. While more targeted at server administration than design, this article contains very useful advice on URL consistency for best search engine results.

Myndex hosted websites

(User submitted listings, Myndex is not responsible for User Content):
• General Titles™ & Visual Effects: archives of filmmaker help articles.
This site is integrated with General Title's larger Joomala! based site, an example of how Action CMS can be used for specific tasks within the framework of a larger site.
• The Andy Somers Homepage. The personal website of artist and actor Andrew Somers. The media for the demo reels such as on the voiceover page are hosted entirely within Action CMS.
• Dances With Dice. A website that discussed the "art of dice control" — that is, using skill and technique to influence the outcome of a roll of dice in a game such as casino craps.
• Civil Liberties Blog. A blog on the subject of constitutional law, civil rights, and civil liberty. (site presently down for maintenance and re-development).
• AngryAndrew ! Biting socio/political sarcasm.
• No Unwanted Children A pro-choice political action grassroots group.
• RealGodNow At least he says he is, a site of social and spiritual commentary.
• Just For PUN ! The PUNNIEST site on the web! (site presently down for maintenance and re-development).

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