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Perception Research

Live Contrast Experiments 2019

This Experiment

and the WCAG Accessibility Standards.

The W3C/WCAG and our Color Science Researchers are conducting a live public experiment regarding color and visual perception for the world wide web. The study examines the effects of various design elements on users with both normal and impaired vision.

Thank you for joining us — spending just a few minutes to complete this perception assessment will greatly help research aimed at making the web easier to read and use, and more accessible for you.

Before starting, please be sure you have several minutes to complete the test uninterrupted, and that your surrounding environment will allow you to read some items out loud. Ideally, you should not be disturbed as some parts of the test rely on how quickly you can respond. If you are distracted, it will affect the test results and data.

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  • Recent experiments include creating and evaluating novel algorithms for programatic perceptual contrast prediction.
  • Ambient lighting effects on emissive displays and the relationship to light adaptation.
  • Font size and luminance contrast interrelationships in real-world environments.
  • Comparisons of existing world standards on visual contrast and accessibility.

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and a brief history of vision contrast standards.