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We are a research, design, & development organization.

Current Major Project:

Visual Perception for Accessibility

We are currently researching visual perception as it pertains to graphically rich content displayed on computer monitors and mobile devices. The results of our studies will instruct future standards for web design as well as app design for visual accessibility, not just for those with visual impairments, but for all users.

We have several upcoming studies under development — stay tuned here for future announcements. Some of the current experiments are viewable here. We also have some live issues on the WCAG GitHub (See issue #695).

Color Vision Deficiency Simulator (CVD Sim)

NEW: CVD Simulator. We developed this new web app to simulate how someone with Color Vision Deficiency** sees the world. We accurately simulate Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia. We also present an experimental model of Blue Cone Monochromacity.

**Color Vision Deficiency is sometimes referred to as "color blind," though that is not accurate except in some very rare cases.


Articles and Help Files


Gradients in Space

Colorspace that is — several examples of how gradients differ depending on the color space they are calculated in.

Luminance Contrast

A discussion and code examples for determining Luminance, and various methods of determining luminance contrast.

Hue Contrast Color Chart

Use this chart as you would a color wheel — only this chart presents the 12 colors in a view matrix so you can easily judge relative color contrast. Also, this chart is adjusted for perceptual uniformity, so the colors are more like pigments in the real world instead of harsh "computer" colors.

• Web Hosting, Web Design, and Web App Development.
• Industrial Design, CAD, FEA, and Systems Engineering.
• Database & App Design, Development, and Deployment.

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